How to Write an Effective “Ask for Favour” Email: Tips and Examples

Asking for a favor can be nerve-wracking. Whether you’re seeking a professional connection, asking for assistance with a project, or requesting a recommendation, composing an email that doesn’t come off as pushy or needy can be a challenge. That’s why I’ve put together a guide to help simplify the process and increase your chances of success. In this article, we’ll provide examples of successful ask-for-favor emails and offer tips for editing based on your unique situation. With the right approach, you can craft an email that will earn you the favor you seek without sacrificing your dignity or professionalism. So take a deep breath, and let’s dive in.

The Perfect Structure for an Effective Email Requesting a Favor

When it comes to asking someone for a favor, sending an email can be an efficient way to go about it. However, not all emails are created equal. To maximize your chances of success, you need to use an effective structure that is persuasive and concise, while still being polite and respectful.

The following is a structure that works well for requesting a favor by email, inspired by Tim Ferris’ writing style:


Start your email by greeting the recipient and establishing a connection with them. This could be something as simple as mentioning a recent conversation you had or acknowledging their expertise in a certain area. By showing that you value their time and input, you are more likely to get a positive response.

The Ask

Once you have established a rapport, it’s time to get to the heart of the matter. Be clear and specific about what you are asking for, and make sure you explain why this particular person is the ideal person to help you. It can also be helpful to emphasize any potential benefits they might receive from doing you this favor.

The Close

End your email by thanking the recipient for considering your request and offering to provide any additional information they might need. Also, leave the door open for future communication by mentioning that you would love to hear their thoughts or feedback on the matter, even if they are not able to help you at this time.

The Signature

Finally, sign off your email with a friendly closing statement and include your contact information, such as your email address and phone number. This will make it easy for the recipient to get in touch with you if they have any questions or need further clarification.

By following this structure, you can increase your chances of getting a positive response to your email request. Remember to keep your message brief and to the point, while still demonstrating that you respect the recipient’s time and expertise.

Sample Ask for Favour Emails

Help with Job Referral

Dear [Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to request your help for a job referral. I came across a job opening at [Company Name] that I am extremely interested in. However, as you might know, it’s always easier to get your foot in the door when someone in the company can vouch for you.

If you know someone who works at [Company Name], and wouldn’t mind introducing me or referring me, I would really appreciate it. I have attached my resume for your reference. Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Borrowing Notes

Dear [Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to ask a favor for borrowing your notes. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the last class due to an emergency. I’m afraid that I might have missed some important information that will be on the upcoming exam.

If it’s not too much to ask, could I borrow your notes or get a photocopy of them? I truly appreciate your willingness to help me out. Please let me know if there are any concerns or issues in doing so.

Thank you, and I hope to pay it forward someday.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Assistance for Fundraiser Event

Dear [Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to request your help in organizing a fundraiser event to benefit [Name of organization or cause]. As you might be aware, I’m trying to raise money for a cause that I care about deeply and I believe that it could be a successful event if we work together.

Could you please help me with the planning or volunteering for the event? It will take place on [Date] and [Time] at [Location]. Let me know whether you are willing to participate or if you might be able to connect me with someone else who could help.

Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to seeing you and working together for a good cause.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Request for Recommendation Letter

Dear [Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to request your help in providing a recommendation letter for a [purpose of recommendation letter, such as scholarship or job application]. I’m applying for [program or position] that I’m really excited about, and I think your letter could significantly improve my chances of getting accepted.

If you’re willing to provide a recommendation, please let me know what you need from me (e.g., my CV or transcript) and when the letter needs to be submitted. I will be sure to provide any additional information that will make the process as convenient as possible for you.

Thank you for considering my request. I appreciate all that you’ve done to assist me in the past.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Assistance for Moving

Dear [Name],

I hope you’re doing well. I’m writing to ask if you’re available to help me move on [Date]. I’m moving to a new apartment rather unexpectedly, and I’m afraid that I’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have to move by myself.

If you have a spare hour or two to offer, I would be grateful. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I assure you that I will make it up to you in the future. If you’re available, let me know when I can count on your help.

Thanks for taking the time to read my message.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Advice for Career Change

Dear [Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I’m writing to ask for advice about a career change. I’ve been considering taking a new career path to make use of my skills and pursue my passion in [field], but I’m not sure if it’s the right move.

As someone who has been in the industry for a while, I respect your opinion, and I would appreciate any advice or guidance you can offer. I am open to any suggestions or insights that can help me make a more informed decision.

Thanks for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.


[Your Name]

Emergency Situation

Dear [Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I’m writing to ask for your help in an emergency situation. Unfortunately, I have found myself in a difficult situation where I need [what you need, such as financial assistance or a place to stay].

If you can offer any help or advice, I would be forever grateful. I know that this is a big ask, but I assure you that I will do whatever it takes to repay your kindness. Let me know if there’s anything you can do or anyone else you can connect me with.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

How to Write an Effective Email Asking for a Favor

Asking for a favor via email can be daunting, especially if you’re not accustomed to the nuances of email communication. However, with a little planning and effort, it’s possible to craft a message that is both polite and persuasive. Here are some tips to help you write an effective email asking for a favor:

  • Be clear and concise: Start by introducing yourself and explaining why you are writing. Clearly state what you are asking for and why it is important to you. Avoid rambling or including too much irrelevant information.
  • Express gratitude: Don’t forget to thank the recipient for their time and consideration. Acknowledge that they may be busy and that you appreciate any assistance they can offer.
  • Be specific: Provide all the necessary details, such as the deadline for the favor and any specific actions the recipient needs to take. Avoid leaving any room for interpretation or confusion.
  • Offer something in return: If possible, offer to reciprocate in some way. This could be as simple as expressing your willingness to help them with something in the future, or as elaborate as offering to provide a service or product in exchange for their assistance.
  • Be polite and professional: Remember that you are asking for a favor, not demanding one. Use a polite and respectful tone, and avoid using overly aggressive or pushy language.
  • Follow up: If you do not receive a response within a reasonable amount of time, consider sending a follow-up email to check on the status of your request.

By following these tips, you can increase the likelihood of receiving a favorable response to your request. Remember to approach the situation with a positive attitude and be patient, as it may take some time for the recipient to respond.

Frequently Asked Questions about Asking for a Favor through Email

What is the best way to start an email when asking for a favor?

It’s best to begin your email with a polite and friendly greeting. Address the recipient by name and express your gratitude for their time in reading your email. You should also be clear and concise about the favor you’re requesting.

Is it rude to ask for a favor through email?

It’s not rude to ask for a favor through email as long as you are respectful and considerate. Be sure to explain your request clearly and provide enough information for the recipient to understand the situation. Always thank them for considering your request, whether or not they are able to help you.

How do I make sure my email asking for a favor doesn’t come across as selfish or demanding?

When crafting your email, put yourself in the receiver’s shoes. Consider their perspective and how they might respond to your request. Be honest about your situation and explain why you need their help. Be sure to show gratitude for their time, even if they can’t assist you.

Is it okay to follow up on an email requesting a favor?

Yes, it’s okay to follow up on an email requesting a favor, but be patient and give the recipient enough time to respond. Generally, waiting a week or two is appropriate before sending a follow-up email. Be polite and restate your request, but keep in mind that they may not be able to assist you.

How can I express my gratitude if someone agrees to help me?

If somebody agrees to assist you, make sure to express your gratitude in a sincere and appreciative manner. Send a thank-you email or message once the task is completed, and if appropriate, offer to return the favor or to do something nice for them in return.

What should I do if somebody denies my request for a favor?

If someone denies your request, be understanding and respectful. Don’t take it personally or become upset. Express your understanding and thank them for considering your request. Remember that they may have their own obligations or reasons for being unable to help you.

What can I do to build better relationships with people when asking for favors through email?

The best way to build better relationships when asking for favors through email is to be genuine and caring. Show an interest in the person you are communicating with by asking questions and showing gratitude for their time. Keep your communication concise and professional, and follow up with a thank-you message or small gesture to show your appreciation.

That’s a Wrap!

And that, my friends, is how you write a killer “ask for a favor” email. Always remember to be polite, concise, and appreciative. Don’t forget to personalize your message and clearly state your ask. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope you found it helpful and informative. If you have any questions or insights of your own regarding “ask for favor” emails, please feel free to share them in the comments below. And, as always, stay tuned for more helpful content from [company/blog name]. Until next time!