10 Completion Email Sample Templates for Effective Communication

You’ve finally done it – you’ve completed a project that you’ve been working on for days, if not weeks on end. You finally have some breathing room, but there’s one more task you need to take care of before you can truly relax: sending a completion email to your client or team members. This last step is crucial to ensure that everyone involved in the project is updated and satisfied with the final product.

But, where do you start? Crafting a completion email can be tricky, but fear not. Here’s where we come in to help. In this article, you’ll find some essential tips and a completion email sample that you can edit and tailor to fit your project’s specific needs. These samples will save you time and effort that can be used elsewhere in your project.

Writing a completion email can be stressful, especially when the stakes are high. The last thing you want to do is leave out pertinent information that might lead to misunderstandings or dissatisfaction. But don’t worry, with our handy guide and completion email sample, you’ll be able to write a concise, informative, and professional email that leaves everyone content with the final outcome. So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the process.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the sample completion email and ensure a job well done!

The Best Structure for a Completion Email

As entrepreneurs or business professionals, we often find ourselves following up on tasks or projects that we have delegated to others. Completion emails are a fantastic tool for acknowledging the work that has been done, providing feedback, and keeping the recipient engaged. However, crafting a complete email can be challenging, particularly if you want to strike the right balance between briefness, brevity, and clarity. In this post, we’ll cover the best structure for a completion email, inspired by Tim Ferriss’ writing style.

First, start with a clear opening that identifies the task or project in question. State what was accomplished, by whom, and when. Being specific in your opening improves clarity and sets the stage for the rest of the email. In this section, you want to avoid any unnecessary information or long descriptions.

In the next section, provide feedback and constructive criticism on the work done. This section should be brief and straight to the point. Focus on what you liked and what needs improvement based on the project scope. Remember to provide this feedback in a positive and encouraging manner. Keep in mind that your tone should be professional and not authoritarian to avoid coming off as rude.

Third, express gratitude for the work done. According to Ferris, “Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” Take the time to convey genuine appreciation for the efforts put into completing the task while expressing gratitude for the recipient’s commitment to the project. This type of language can help to build a relationship with your recipient while also acknowledging their contributions.

Lastly, close with a call to action. This final piece of your completion email is essential, yet many fail to incorporate it. In this section, recap any necessary next steps or clarify anything that might require further attention. Be sure to use actionable language and explicitly state what you would like the recipient to do next. Remember that the call to action should align with your goals.

In conclusion, crafting a completion email that follows these four sections can enhance communication between partners, increase collaboration, and help you achieve your project goals. Remember to keep your tone professional, brief, and avoid jargon or technical language. Incorporating gratitude and a call to action can cement a strong and positive work relationship, setting the tone for the next project.

Completion Email Samples for Different Reasons

Completion email after project completion

Dear [Client Name],

I am glad to inform you that our team has successfully completed the [Project Name]. It has been a great pleasure working with you and your team throughout the project. I appreciate your support and guidance that made it possible to deliver the project on time and within budget.

I assure you that all the specifications and requirements mentioned in the project contract have been met. We have thoroughly tested each module of the project and rectified all the issues that were found during the testing phase. Our team has employed the latest technologies and industry standards to ensure the quality of the project. We hope that it will meet your expectations and add value to your business.

Thank you for trusting us with this project. I look forward to working with you on future projects.


[Your Name]

Completion email after a training program

Dear [Participant Name],

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the [Training Program Name]. We are proud of your accomplishment and wish you the best in implementing the skills and knowledge gained from the program.

The program was designed to equip you with the latest industry trends and best practices. We hope that you find the training valuable, engaging, and enjoyable. To further enhance the skills gained, we recommend you to continue learning by practicing and applying the knowledge in your work. Stay informed and updated on the latest industry developments by attending conferences, webinars, and events related to your field.

Thank you for choosing to pursue the training program with us. We look forward to hearing about the impact it has on your career and job responsibilities.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Completion email after a course completion

Dear [Student Name],

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the [Course Name]. I hope that you have found the course informative and enjoyable. It has been a pleasure having you as a student, and I wish you the best in your academic and professional endeavors.

The course was designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the subject, and we are confident that it has equipped you with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in your field. The course has been structured to include various assignments, quizzes, and exams to evaluate your progress and understanding. You have consistently demonstrated your understanding and application of the course material, which is highly commendable.

I hope that you find this knowledge useful in your future endeavors, and I wish you all the best. Let us keep in touch and collaborate in the future.


[Your Name]

Completion email after a probationary period

Dear [Employee Name],

On behalf of the entire company, I would like to congratulate you on successfully completing your probationary period. We appreciate your dedication, commitment, and hard work during this period.

During your probationary period, you have effectively demonstrated your skills and knowledge, and you have shown the potential to continue making positive contributions to the organization. Moving forward, we look forward to your continued contribution in achieving the organization’s goals and objectives.

Thank you for being a valuable team member. Your contributions are essential to our success, and we look forward to working with you long-term.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Completion email after a software update

Dear [Customer Name],

We wanted to inform you that we have successfully completed the software update, and it is now live. The update includes several new features and enhancements, including [list of new features].

We worked diligently to ensure that the update is fully tested and meets all the requirements and specifications set out by you. We appreciate your patience and understanding during the update’s implementation, and we are confident that it will improve your experience using our software.

We strive to provide you with high-quality software and services, and we value your feedback. If you have any comments or issues related to the software update, please feel free to contact us. Our support team is always ready to assist you.

Thanks for choosing our software,

[Your Name]

Completion email after a marketing campaign

Dear [Client Name],

We are excited to announce that we have successfully completed the [Marketing Campaign Name]. The campaign was a great success, generating [number of leads/sales] and a [percentage of leads/sales] increase in [target area]. Thanks to your support and cooperation, we were able to achieve our goals and exceed expectations.

We designed the campaign to maximize your business reach, and we are confident that it has helped to increase brand awareness and attract new customers. The team worked tirelessly, employing the latest marketing strategies and techniques to ensure campaign success.

We look forward to working with you on future projects and further enhancing your brand image. Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Completion email after a contract completion

Dear [Client Name],

I am pleased to inform you that we have successfully completed the [Contract Name]. It has been a great pleasure working with you and your team over the past [duration]. I appreciate your faith in us that made it possible to deliver the project on-time and within your budget.

We have completed all the work that was defined by the contract, and all the deliverables have been provided to you. The project was developed in compliance with the latest industry standards, and we are confident that it will meet your expectations and requirements.

I hope that our services have met your expectations, and we look forward to working with you on future projects. Thank you for being a valuable client, and we sincerely appreciate your business.

Thanks and regards,

[Your Name]

Tips for Writing a Completion Email Sample

Completing a task or project is a huge accomplishment, and sending a completion email is a great way to confirm that everything has been done correctly. Whether you are writing an email to your boss, colleagues, or employees, it’s important to make sure that your message is clear and well-written. Here are some tips to consider when drafting a completion email sample:

  • Start with a clear subject line: Your subject line should clearly state that the task or project has been completed. For example, “Completion of Project XYZ” or “Task ABC Completed.”
  • Thank everyone involved: Acknowledge the contributions of everyone involved in the project or task. This includes the people who provided support, guidance, or resources that helped you complete the assignment.
  • Summarize the project or task: A brief summary of what the project or task entailed will help to remind everyone of what was accomplished. List the key milestones, successes, and challenges along the way, and acknowledge any lessons learned.
  • Praise team members: If you are sending the email to a team, acknowledge specific contributions and thank everyone for their hard work and dedication. This can help to boost morale and encourage future collaboration.
  • Include next steps: If there are any additional tasks that need to be completed or next steps that need to be taken, make sure to include this information in your email. This can help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the project continues to move forward.

By following these tips, you can create a professional and effective completion email sample. Remember to keep your message concise, clear, and positive, and don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments. Completing a project or task is no small feat, and recognizing the hard work of everyone involved can help to pave the way for future success.

Completion Email Sample FAQs

What is a completion email?

A completion email is a message sent out to individuals or teams to acknowledge that a particular task or project has been successfully completed.

What should a completion email include?

A completion email should include a subject line that clearly states that the task or project has been completed, a brief summary of the task or project, and a thank you note to the team members involved.

When should you send a completion email?

You should send a completion email as soon as a task or project has been completed. This will help to ensure that team members receive the recognition they deserve, and it will also help to keep everyone updated on the status of the project.

How should you write a completion email?

A completion email should be written in a professional and courteous tone. It should be concise, and it should provide all of the necessary information without being too lengthy. It should also include any relevant attachments, such as reports or other documentation that may be useful to team members.

What are the benefits of sending a completion email?

Sending a completion email can help to foster a culture of professionalism and teamwork within an organization. It can also help to boost morale and motivation among team members, as they will feel appreciated and recognized for their hard work and contributions.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing a completion email?

Some common mistakes to avoid when writing a completion email include being too vague or generic, failing to recognize individual contributions, and neglecting to include all of the necessary details and information. It is also important to proofread and edit the email carefully to avoid typos and grammatical errors.

Should you follow up with team members after sending a completion email?

While it is not always necessary to follow up with team members individually, it is a good idea to schedule a team meeting or conference call to discuss the project and provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. This will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that everyone is working towards the same goals.

Thanks for reading and happy completing!

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