Cover Letter Sample UK: How to Create an Impressive Cover Letter for Job Applications

Are you tired of writing countless cover letters and not getting any responses from potential employers? Look no further, as we’ve got you covered with some amazing cover letter samples from the UK! These cover letter examples have been curated by industry professionals and are designed to help you stand out from the crowd.

So whether you’re a recent graduate looking for your first job or an experienced professional looking to switch industries, these cover letter samples are sure to meet your needs. What’s even better is that you can easily edit and customize them to fit your specific job application.

Don’t waste any more time stressing about your cover letter. Download our cover letter samples from the UK now and impress your potential employers with a standout cover letter that can land you your dream job.

The Best Structure for a Cover Letter Sample in the UK

When it comes to applying for a job in the UK, having a well-structured and effective cover letter is crucial. A cover letter serves as your introduction to a potential employer, and provides a chance to showcase your skills and experience in a way that complements your CV. In this article, we will outline the best structure for a cover letter sample in the UK by taking inspiration from Tim Ferris’ writing style.

Firstly, it is important to remember that a cover letter should not be a summary of your CV, but rather an opportunity to expand on and highlight your relevant skills and experience. Tim Ferris is known for his concise and punchy style of writing, and this should also be reflected in your cover letter.

The first paragraph should be an introduction to yourself and why you are applying for the role. This should be brief and to the point, using a hook or a unique selling point that makes you stand out from other candidates. You could use a quote, anecdote or personal story to capture their attention. A good example could be: “As a successful marketer with five years of experience managing international campaigns, I am excited to apply for the position of Marketing Manager at XYZ Company”.

In the second paragraph, you should explain why you are a good fit for the job. This is where you can expand on your skills and experience, highlighting how they match the job requirements. Be specific and use examples, showing the employer that you have researched the company and understand their needs. Use Tim Ferris’ writing style here and be concise, using bullet points or short sentences to break up the text and make it more readable.

The final paragraph should be a call to action, inviting the employer to contact you to arrange an interview. You could also express your enthusiasm for the role and your eagerness to contribute to the company. Here, you could use a closing Tim Ferris-style quote that reflects your belief in the importance of teamwork and collaboration such as “I truly believe that working together is the key to success and I am excited at the prospect of working as part of your dynamic team”.

In conclusion, when it comes to writing a cover letter sample in the UK, following a structured and concise approach inspired by Tim Ferris’ writing style can help you to stand out from other candidates and increase your chances of landing an interview. Remember to tailor your cover letter to the specific job and company, showcasing your skills and experience in a way that complements your CV.

Cover Letter Sample UK

Cover Letter for Job Application

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the open position at your company as advertised on your website. As a highly motivated and skilled candidate with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and five years of experience in the industry, I am confident that I would make a valuable addition to your team.

In my previous roles, I have developed a range of skills including market research, data analysis, and project management. I have also proven my ability to work well under pressure and tight deadlines while ensuring exceptional quality of work.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications with you at your earliest convenience.


John Doe

Cover Letter for Promotion

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I am writing to express my interest in the [Job Title] position within [Department] at [Company Name]. Having worked at the company for [Number of years] and being recognized for my contributions in various projects, I am confident that I have the necessary skills, experience, and expertise to take on this new challenge.

Over the years, I have demonstrated my exceptional performance in delivering results that have exceeded expectations, as well as my dedication, leadership, and teamwork skills. I believe that with my experience and contribution to the company, I could make a significant impact in this new role.

Thank you for considering my application. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and suitability with you at your earliest convenience.


Jane Smith

Cover Letter for Internship

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am writing to express my interest in the [Internship Position] at [Company’s Name] which I came across on your website. As a [Field of study] student at [University], I am excited about the opportunity to apply my [Skills or Relevant Experience] to the [Project or Program] during my [Summer or Semester] break.

During my academic career, I have acquired a diverse skill set and a keen interest in [Specific Industry]. I am highly motivated, dedicated, and willing to learn, offering a strong academic background in [Coursework], along with relevant extracurricular activities, work experience, and personal attributes.

Thank you for your time in considering my application. I look forward to discussing my qualifications further and how I can contribute to your team.

Yours sincerely,

Cover Letter for Volunteer Position

Dear [Volunteer Coordinator’s Name],

I am writing to express my interest in the [Volunteer Position] for [Program or Event] at [Organization’s Name]. As a passionate community member, I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your cause and support [Target Group] through [Specific Task or Project].

As a [Describe your relevant experience], I am confident that I possess the skills and mindset to excel in this role. I am particularly impressed with your organization’s values and mission, which resonates with my own values and beliefs.

Thank you for your consideration of my application. I am excited about the chance to work with your organization and make a meaningful impact in my community.


Cover Letter for Scholarship Application

Dear [Scholarship Committee’s Name],

I am writing to apply for the [Scholarship Name] that was advertised in [Source]. As a high achieving student with a strong academic record, I am excited about the opportunity to pursue my academic and career goals through this scholarship.

Aside from my academic achievement, I have demonstrated a passion for [Specific Interest or Hobby], leadership, and community service through my involvement in [Extracurricular or Volunteer Activities]. Through this scholarship, I hope to achieve [Specific Goals or Aspirations] and contribute to society in a positive way.

Thank you for considering my application. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Cover Letter for Reference Request

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am writing to request a reference for my job/school/lodge application. As my [Supervisor or Professor or Lodge Master], I appreciate the [Your Professional or Personal Relationship] we have had, and I believe your endorsement would strengthen my application significantly.

As you may know, I am applying for a [Job or School or Lodge]. I would appreciate it if you could provide a reference that speaks to my [Strengths or Key Qualities or Relevant Experience or Accomplishments]. I have enclosed my resume for your reference and would be happy to provide any additional information you need.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Cover Letter for Business Proposal

Dear [Client or Business Partner’s Name],

I would like to present a proposal to [Proposed Action or Project] that I believe would benefit our companies. As a highly innovative and experienced professional in my field, I believe that my [Unique Selling Proposition or Key Qualities] could improve [Target Area or Goal], leading to significant gains for our organizations.

In summary, my proposal includes [Key Points or Benefits of Proposed Action or Project] and the results that we can expect. I am confident that this proposal could initiate a fruitful partnership, and I am happy to discuss it further with you at your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration of my proposal. I look forward to your response.


Tips for Writing a Successful Cover Letter in the UK

When it comes to job hunting in the UK, crafting a compelling cover letter is an essential step towards getting hired. Here are some tips to help you write a cover letter that will impress your potential employer:

  • Personalize the letter: Address the letter to the hiring manager by name, rather than using generic terms like “Dear Hiring Manager.” This will show that you’ve taken the time to research the company and have a genuine interest in the position.
  • Showcase your skills and achievements: Use your cover letter to highlight your skills and accomplishments that are relevant to the job. This will demonstrate that you have the qualifications and experience needed to excel in the role.
  • Be concise: Your cover letter should be short and to the point. Avoid lengthy explanations and try to keep it under a page if possible. Use bullet points to break up the text and make it easier to read.
  • Show your enthusiasm: Convey your enthusiasm for the position and the company in your cover letter. This will show that you’re invested in the opportunity and are likely to be a committed and dedicated employee.
  • Proofread: Ensure that your cover letter is error-free by proofreading it carefully. Typos and grammatical errors can make a negative impression on the reader, so take the time to check your work.

By following these tips, you can create a cover letter that will make a strong impression on potential employers and increase your chances of landing the job.

FAQs on Cover Letter Sample UK

What should be the length of a cover letter?

A cover letter should be a maximum of one page. Keep your sentences concise and relevant to the job you are applying for.

What should be included in a cover letter?

A cover letter should include your contact information, a formal greeting, an introduction, a body explaining your skills and qualifications, and a closing statement.

Should I tailor my cover letter to each job application?

Yes, you should. Make sure your cover letter highlights skills and experiences directly related to the job you are applying for.

What is the best font to use for a cover letter?

Use a simple and readable font, such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri, in a 10-12 point size.

Is it necessary to include a photograph in a cover letter?

It is not necessary to include a photograph in a cover letter in the UK. Employers should not use a photograph to make hiring decisions, and it could be seen as an opportunity for discrimination.

Should I follow up after submitting my cover letter?

It is a good idea to follow up after submitting your cover letter to confirm receipt and to demonstrate your interest in the position. You can do this via email or phone.

What common mistakes should I avoid in my cover letter?

Avoid making spelling or grammatical errors, mentioning salary expectations, or using a generic template without making necessary changes to fit the job description.

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