10 Effective Open Enrollment Sample Email Templates for Your Workforce

Have you ever had to wade through a bunch of administrative paperwork just to enroll in a benefits program? Or worse, have you missed the open enrollment deadline altogether? As we all know, enrolling in benefits can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process. That’s why we’ve created an open enrollment sample email that will make the process a breeze. Not only will you save time and hassle, but you’ll also increase your chances of getting the benefits you need. Our sample email has everything you need to make the enrollment process as easy and painless as possible. So why struggle through another round of confusing paperwork? Simply check out our open enrollment sample email, edit it to fit your needs, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your benefits are taken care of.

The Optimal Structure for an Open Enrollment Sample Email

Open enrollment season can be a daunting time for HR professionals and employees alike. As an HR professional, your job is to ensure that employees are aware of the available benefits and make informed decisions. One of the most effective ways to communicate this information is through email. An open enrollment sample email that is well-structured can ensure that your message is not only received but also acted upon. Here’s how to structure your email:

1. Start with a Catchy Subject Line

The subject line is the first thing your employees will see in their inbox. It should be catchy, attention-grabbing, and informative. Keep it short and sweet, but make sure it conveys the most important information. For example, “Open Enrollment Starts Now: Everything You Need to Know” is an effective subject line that tells employees that it’s open enrollment time and they need to take action.

2. Begin with a Personalized Greeting

Your emails should always begin with a personalized greeting. Address your employees by their first name, and start with a friendly and warm tone. Personalization can help engage employees and make them more likely to read your message.

3. Tell Them What’s New

One of the most important things to highlight in your open enrollment email is what’s new for this year. This could be new benefits, new coverage options, or changes in the plan itself. Make sure to include all the information that employees need, such as descriptions of the new benefits or the cost of the updated coverage options.

4. Remind Them of Important Deadlines

It’s important to remind employees of the deadline for open enrollment. This can be the last day they can enroll for benefits or the last day they can make changes to their existing benefits. Make sure to include this information in your email and be clear about what the consequences of missing the deadline are.

5. Provide Resources for Further Information

Finally, provide your employees with resources to get further information. This could be links to your company’s benefits website, contact information for a benefits specialist, or a FAQ section. Making sure that your employees have access to this information can help make the open enrollment process smoother and more accessible.

In conclusion, a well-structured open enrollment sample email can help employees make informed decisions and reduce stress. By following these five steps, your open enrollment email will be the one that employees look out for each year.

Open Enrollment Sample Emails

Health Insurance Options for the New Year

Dear Employees,

As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to start thinking about open enrollment for health insurance. We have several options available to meet your healthcare needs. When considering which plan to choose, make sure to take into account any health conditions, medications, and budgetary constraints. Don’t wait until the last minute to enroll, as the cutoff date is fast approaching. Let us know if you have any questions or need assistance in choosing the right plan for you.

Best regards,

HR Department

Dental and Vision Plans for the New Year

Dear Employees,

During this year’s open enrollment, we are excited to announce that we are now offering dental and vision plans for our employees. We believe that these plans will greatly enhance the overall health and wellbeing of our workforce. Enrollment is easy, and we encourage everyone to take advantage of these new benefits by signing up before the deadline. If you have any questions or need more information about the plans, please do not hesitate to reach out to our HR team.

Best regards,

HR Department

New Disability Insurance Options for the New Year

Dear Employees,

We strive to provide our employees with the best possible benefits to help protect them and their families. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we will be offering new disability insurance options during this year’s open enrollment. Disability insurance provides financial protection in case you become unable to work due to an injury or illness. Enrollment is easy, and we encourage everyone to sign up before the deadline to take advantage of this important benefit.

Best regards,

HR Department

Flexible Spending Account Reminder

Dear Employees,

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to start thinking about enrolling in our Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program during this year’s open enrollment. An FSA is a pre-tax benefit plan that allows you to set aside money from your paycheck to cover eligible medical expenses and dependent care expenses. Using an FSA can save you money on taxes and help you better manage your healthcare expenses. Don’t miss out on this valuable benefit, enroll before the deadline.

Best regards,

HR Department

Changes to Health Insurance Plans for the New Year

Dear Employees,

We wanted to inform you of some changes that will be made to the health insurance plans available during this year’s open enrollment. In an effort to better meet the needs of our workforce, we have updated the coverage options and have worked to keep premiums as low as possible. We encourage you to review the changes and consider switching plans if it makes sense for you and your family. As always, we are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Best regards,

HR Department

HSA Option Now Available

Dear Employees,

We are excited to announce that this year we will be offering a Health Savings Account (HSA) as part of our benefits package. An HSA is a tax-advantaged account that can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses. By contributing to an HSA, you can lower your taxable income and save money on healthcare expenses. If you are interested in enrolling in this option, please contact our HR team for more information and assistance.

Best regards,

HR Department

Don’t Miss the Open Enrollment Deadline

Dear Employees,

Just a friendly reminder that open enrollment for this year’s benefits will be closing soon. If you haven’t already done so, please take the time to review your options and enroll in the benefits that best meet your needs. Don’t wait until the last minute as there will be no extensions granted. If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our HR team for help.

Best regards,

HR Department

Tips for a Successful Open Enrollment Sample Email

Open enrollment is a critical time for your employees. It’s a time where they can make decisions about their healthcare and other benefits for the upcoming year. Communicating these options effectively is essential, and a sample email can help make the process easier. Here are some tips to help ensure that your open enrollment sample email is successful:

  • Keep your email concise and to the point. Employees are busy, and a long email may be overwhelming. Be sure to include all the necessary information but try to keep it brief.
  • Personalize the email. Start by addressing the email to the employee, and then include any relevant information about their particular plan options or changes to their benefits package.
  • Highlight any changes or updates. If there have been changes to the benefits offered or any updates to the plans employees are currently enrolled in, be sure to include this information prominently in the email.
  • Be clear about deadlines. Let employees know when open enrollment ends and any deadlines they need to be aware of. This will ensure that they don’t miss any important dates or deadlines.
  • Offer resources for additional information. Include links to any relevant resources or websites where employees can get more information if they need it. This will help ensure that they have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

Remember, open enrollment is an opportunity to empower your employees to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. By communicating the options effectively and providing the necessary resources, you can help make the process smoother and increase engagement and satisfaction with your benefits program.

Open Enrollment FAQs

When is open enrollment?

Open enrollment period typically begins in November and lasts until mid-December.

What is open enrollment?

Open enrollment is the period when employees can make changes to their benefits plans.

What changes can I make during open enrollment?

You can enroll in or change health insurance plans, dental and vision coverage, and adjust your contributions to your 401(k) plan.

Do I have to participate in open enrollment?

No, participation in open enrollment is voluntary, but it is recommended to review your benefits and make necessary changes to ensure you have the appropriate coverage.

What happens if I miss the open enrollment deadline?

If you miss the open enrollment deadline, you may not be able to make changes to your benefits until the next open enrollment period unless you experience a qualifying life event.

Can I switch to a different health insurance provider during open enrollment?

Yes, you can switch to a different health insurance provider during open enrollment, but it is important to review the benefits and coverage options to make an informed decision.

What is a qualifying life event?

A qualifying life event can include marriage, birth or adoption of a child, divorce, or loss of coverage through a spouse’s employer. These events allow you to change your benefits outside of the open enrollment period.

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